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“I strongly recommend Juliet for both acupuncture and herbal medicine treatment.  Juliet takes the time to develop a relationship with her patients in order to better understand their needs and treat effectively.  Her herbal medicine and acupuncture treatment cured a skin condition that neither my primary physician nor dermatologist was able to treat.  I have seen first hand the physical and emotional benefits of her practice.  She is nurturing, responsive, and an excellent acupuncturist.” ~ AV

 “I have enjoyed receiving acupuncture services from Juliet because she has treated me with respect, compassion, and understanding. I was able to connect with Juliet since our first appointment. She is very accommodating and has understood my health needs. Her support has aided me through many challenging times. After ongoing appointments with Juliet, I was able to overcome a stomach issue. The acupuncture treatments that Juliet provided me were very effective in helping to bring balance to my life and emotional well-being. I strongly recommend Juliet for acupuncture services and know that she will make a difference in others as she did in my life.  ~ JP

 “I came to acupuncture with a desire to examine and let go of several painful emotional experiences. During the course of my treatments, I was able to access numerous places of emotional and physical pain, some of which I had previously been unconscious of in my adult life.  As my provider, guide and support, Juliet ensured that I felt cared for and safe. Sensitive to the delicate work we were doing, Juliet was able to create a therapeutic space in which I was able to be vulnerable to the emotions critical to our work and yet remain grounded.  In conjunction with my own psychotherapy my experience with acupuncture was one of the most intense of my life, and a turning point in my healing.” ~ LM

 “When I moved to Maryland in August 2013,  I wanted to continue acupuncture treatment to relieve pain caused by earlier issues: broken wrist, frozen shoulder, and an awful yet mysterious metallic taste.  After the first session, I felt relaxed, pain free, and the hideous metallic taste had subsided. I had no doubt that the hour’s drive to Silver Spring was well worth it. Each subsequent visit has helped me heal-without drugs!!  When I injured my knee at an exercise class, I was troubled. After two visits, I had no pain–to a daily jogger that meant so much!!!! A few weeks ago before the hectic holidays, Juliet “reset” my system and I was calm yet energized. Thanks to Juliet I am healthier and thriving without drugs. Even though my initial appointment with Juliet was to address shoulder pain and the metallic taste, I know I’ll be seeing her when other health issues arise. Juliet Farrell has a gentle touch and a quiet healing presence.  I am so thankful she is my acupuncturist.” ~LW