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A Vision for Empowered Wellness

silhouette of woman with open arms at sunsetThere is no shortage of health and wellness information available on the Internet. And much of this information is often conflicting, confusing and fear based. Trying to keep up can be overwhelming. Following constantly shifting guidelines based on new scientific research and “expert” opinions can be time-consuming, frustrating and demoralizing. In starting a blog, the last thing I want to do is to add to clutter, uncertainty and disempowerment.

As an acupuncturist, I’ve observed time and again, the power that Chinese medicine and empowered, awareness-driven self-care have in creating transformational healing, physically and emotionally. This is a truth that I find impossible to ignore and thus, inspired to share so that you can find new possibilities for living your life as fully as possible.

My vision for this blog is to bring the treatment room into your everyday life…to be an empowering and valuable resource that serves the individual and collective wellbeing based on the theoretical principles and practical application of Chinese medicine.

In service of this vision, this will be a space that:

~ Offers valuable and basic, holistic ways to enhance the quality of your living

~ Demystifies Chinese medicine, debunks myths and makes it more accessible

~ Helps you learn to know and appreciate your body deeply, which leads to greater wellbeing

~ Is a source of inspiration and empowerment

~ Evolves based on what most serves you, my patients and community, meaning your feedback and comments are encouraged!